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Practice & Experience

Have you ever received a notice in the mail from the IRS? They wanted some information regarding your return, or maybe they recalculated your return and now you owe more. All of these things can seem pretty scary to deal with when it comes from the IRS. Believe me we understand the feeling.


Many many years ago I worked at a job that allowed me to have access to the IRS. We had to contact the IRS for a lot of different issues. This interaction allowed me to see dealing with the IRS is not as scary as many of us would believe. This is where Tax Cure was born. Understanding the tax system and dealing with the IRS directly allows us to take some of the concerns out of this whole process for our clients.

We at Tax Cure pride ourselves in giving our clients a personalized experience. No one client is the same so why would your service be the same as someone else. We take a look at all of the exciting things each client has going on in their lives and tailor our services around your personal needs.  This model has worked well for us. We get new clients daily moving from other firms that didn't allow this hands on experience we offer.

Come give us a try and Let us be your Tax Cure!!

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