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The New Year is upon us. Do you have things ready for the tax season?

Tax Cure

Jan 4, 2023

Here’s your 2022 Tax Checklist:



*  Standard milage rates for business use increase by .3 cents per mile.


* Make a salary deferral to your retirement plan. This can help maximize tax credits for eligible contributions.


* Get all your business income and receipts together. This will certainly help the process of preparing your business returns.


* Check the status of your ITIN, they do expire if not used at least once in the past 3 years.


* Collect all of your child care and medical expenses. These may help with certain allowable deductions.


* Making sure you have all of your tax forms in one place and ready to go when it’s time to file; this will be helpful to you and your tax professional.


If you have any questions regarding some of these checklist items, please give us a call so we can go into further detail about these and other helpful tax saving tips.

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